Shuuchuu-Gouu no Tsubushikata

CD No: Marine Entertainment MMCC-4028
Release date: 25 Jul 2002
Price: Y2800
Total length: 68:57 (7 tracks)

The first of the three-part drama CD series based on Shimizu Fumika's novel about "Weather Spirits" who are in charge of controlling the weather of Earth.
The story here corresponds to the first two chapters of the first volume of the novel. The script is pretty faithful to the original novel and well performed by an excellent group of seiyuu, including Kouda Mariko and Hisakawa Aya. As it seems to be an assumption you have read the novel, it may be a little difficult to enjoy it without. But I really enjoyed this CD ^_^

NHT rating: 4 donburi

Dai-1-shou: shuuchuu-gouu no tsubushikata
[Chapter 1: How to Destroy a Localised Storm]
1. zensen ga itsutsu no teikiatsu 13:46
[A Low Pressure with Five Fronts]
2. enkai hiraite sasoidasu 7:55
[To Lure Her by Holding a Party]
3. seirei-shou Rule no tatakai 6:22
[A Battle under the Rule of the Ministry of Spirits]
4. Yumemi no kansoujutsu 10:30
[Yumemi's Technique of Desiccation]
Dai-2-shou: tadashii taifuu no okoshikara
[Chapter 2: The Proper Way to Create a Typhoon]
5. banmaden kara no kougijou 10:38
[Letter of Complaints from the Hell Palace]
6. Catherine no sousa gijutsu 6:39
[Catherine's Technique of Manipulation]
7. Yumemi to Maharu no nomikurabe 13:07
[Drink Battle between Yumemi and Mahal]

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