All the Way

CD No: Pony Canyon PCCA-01902
Release date: 18 Jun 2003
Price: Y1200
Total length: 17:48 (4 tracks)

The maxi single of the OP song by Shimokawa Mikuni.
I didn't like the song too much at first but have now found that it suits the anime and Kino very well ^_^ The other two songs are also fine, especially Track 3 is pretty "pop" ^_^

NHT rating: Rating

1. All the Way (Shimokawa Mikuni) 4:36
LYC: Ka Chari MSC: Sin ARG: Sin
2. Again (Shimokawa Mikuni) 4:49
LYC: Shimokawa Mikuni MSC: Ooyagi Hiroo ARG: Shimizu Toshiya
3. Popcorn (single version) (Shimokawa Mikuni) 3:48
LYC: Shimokawa Mikuni MSC: ab:fly ARG: Seki Junjirou
4. All the Way (karaoke) 4:35
MSC: Sin ARG: Sin

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by nonchan