CD No: A & M Records UMCK-9309
Release date: 18 Nov 2009
Price: Y1429
Total length: 11:31 (3 tracks)

This is the soft ED song by Chara.
This one is the LE Type-B with a DVD of a trailer of the anime DVD Vol.1. There are two other editions (LE Type-A (UMCK-9309) and the ordinary edition (UMCK-5259)).

NHT rating: Rating

1. kataomoi (Chara) 3:22
[One-sided Love]
LYC: Chara MSC: Chara ARG: Tsutaya Kouichi
2. genki o dashite (Chara) 4:52
[Cheer Up]
LYC: Takeuchi Mariya MSC: Takeuchi Mariya ARG: Curly Giraffe
3. kataomoi (karaoke) 3:17
[One-sided Love]
MSC: Chara ARG: Tsutaya Kouichi

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