Tenohira No Uchuu [The Universe On A Palm]

CD No: Pony Canyon PCDAX-00001
Release date: 18 Jul 1997
Price: Y1000
Total length: 16:09 (3 tracks)

The powerful ending theme song of the last episode of Key The Metal Idol. The CD also contains her new song and some data track (QT-movies and photo gallery).

NHT rating: 5 donburi

1. tenohira no uchuu 5:54
[The Universe On A Palm]
LYC: Hamada Rie MSC: Terashima Tamiya ARG: Terashima Tamiya
2. Dream Dream 4:28
LYC: Taniyama Hiroko MSC: Sakitani Kenjirou ARG: Sakitani Kenjirou
3. tenohira no uchuu 5:47
[The Universe On A Palm]
MSC: Terashima Tamiya ARG: Terashima Tamiya

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