Radio Program #1 "Friends"

CD No: Pony Canyon PCCG-00367
Release date: 16 Dec 1996
Price: Y2500
Total length: 46:02 (24 tracks)

The first drama CD of the four which cover the drama programs broadcasted on radio. In this CD, Sakura tells about her encounter with Key at her junior highschool and friendship developed between them. The entire script is reproduced in the insert and, therefore, will be helpful for those who do not understand Japanese completely. BTW, the first print comes with a box for the series and the photo of Key and Sakura in the school uniform (the one used in the anime).

NHT rating: 4 donburi

1. In The Night (Iwao Junko) 1:52
2.-23. "tomodachi" 42:12
24. watashi ga soba ni iru (Nagasawa Miki) 1:55
[I'm Standing By You]

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by nonchan