CD-ROMs of Key the Metal Idol

Collector File Vol.1 Collector File Vol.1
Date: Forgotten
Publisher: Young Corporation
Cat #: YNG-955
Price: Y6800
The first CD-ROM contains various production art works and drawings from Eps 1 to 13. More importantly some of them are with comments from the main staff, which help to understand this very philosophical series.
Wallpapers, voice collections and two screen savers are also included.
Collector File Vol.2 Collector File Vol.2
Date: Unknown
Publisher: Young Corporation
Cat #: YNG-956
Price: Y6800
The second one has information (works and drawings) for the last episodes. There are comments from the staff but they are less informative than those in Vol.1. The basic concept for "Android Key", from which Key the Metal Idol evolved, is revealed here and a small game to raise Key as an idol are also included ^_^
You will see more wallpapers and a Window mascot.

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by nonchan