Drama CD

CD No: Frontier Works AFC-3012
Release date: 23 Jul 2004
Price: Y3500
Total length: Disc 1 60:05 (7 tracks)
Disc 2 59:39 (11 tracks)

This is a drama CD, spun from the manga series. The story is original, rather than taken from the manga series, and set some time after Kenta learns Karin's secret. One day Karin and Kenta unfortunately catch an attention of the head of the Student Discipline Committee and makes her really angry. She decides to investigate Karin in search of anything which can send her into trouble...
As it was released more than a year before the anime, the cast is very different and, I have to say, Ryou's Karin is very cute ^_^
Karin Hirohashi Ryou
KentaYoshino Hiroyuki
HenryIshii Kouji
CarreraShinohara Emi
RenTakahashi Hiroki
AnjuShitaya Noriko
Boogie-kunMiyamoto Katsuya
MakiKobayashi Misa
This is the first press LE with the second disc, which contains an assortment of various short stories and a free talk by the cast. BTW, no track list is given to the second CD and the one you see here is my own (Track 4 is probably wrong). An ordinary version is also available (AFC-3013, Y3000).

NHT rating: Rating

Disc 1
1. haji no 1 3:55
[Shame 1]
2. haji no 2 13:32
[Shame 2]
3. haji no 3 9:21
[Shame 3]
4. haji no 4 15:34
[Shame 4]
5. haji no 5 6:17
[Shame 5]
6. haji no 6 9:06
[Shame 6]
7. haji no 7 2:16
[Shame 7]
Disc 2
1. Carrera Marker no yuuga na hitotoki 3:53
[Carrera Marker's Elegant Time]
2. Karin no zouketsu kansatsu 6:29
[Observing Karin's Increase of Blood]
3. rippana kyuuketsuki ni naru tame no daiippo 3:21
[First Step to Become a Respectable Vampire]
4. Ren's Sweet and Sweet Time 3:33
5. hohoemi o anata ni 5:16
[Smile for You]
6. Anju no jyugyou sankan 3:08
[Open Day of Anju's Class]
7. Anju no homework 5:08
[Anju's Homework]
8. oningyou ga ippai 3:37
[Full of Dolls]
9. kyuuketsuki dazo 4:22
[We're Vampires!]
10. tadaima kakeibo kichouchuu 3:31
[I'm Just Filling in Our Household Account Book]
11. Cast Free Talk 17:16

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