CD Band Spezial

CD No: Movic SNOW-2003
Release date: ?? ?? 2003
Price: Not for Sale
Total length: 28:39 (12 tracks)

This is a special CD given to those who gathered enough "points" by purchasing DVDs and/or CDs.
Each track consists a bit of a drama, about a peaceful day in the Kanon world, followed by a short farewell message from each seiyuu. No title is given to the tracks and those listed here is the name of the character who gave the message in the track.

NHT rating: Rating

1. Minase Nayuki 2:33
2. Kitagawa Jun 2:15
3. Misaka Shiori 2:15
4. Kurata Sayuri 2:17
5. Sawatari Makoto 2:45
6. Misaka Shiori 2:54
7. Amano Mishio 2:40
8. Kawasumi Mai 2:16
9. Kuze 1:53
10. Tsukimiya Ayu 1:13
11. Minase Akiko 1:30
12. Aizawa Yuuichi 4:04

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