Drama CD Vol.2 "Kawasumi Mai Story"

CD No: Movic MACB-6002
Release date: 27 Oct 2000
Price: Y3000
Total length: 78:59 (5 tracks)

This "Mai Special" is one of the drama CD series released long before the anime series. If you extract the Mai parts from the anime (so that you can forget all other girls) and give them more details, you'll get this CD. In other words, the story here is essentially the same as in the anime but you'll learn much more.
As a big fan of Mai, I love this CD (there are so many cute scenes for her ^_^) but don't recommend it to general Kanon fans.

NHT rating: Rating

1. shin'ya no kousha, futari no shoujo, bukiyouna yasashisa. 14:07
[School Building at Midnight, Two Girls, Skilless Tenderness]
2. butoukai, shin'yuu, ushinaitaku nai mono. 32:11
[The Ball, Best Friend, What I Don't Want to Lose]
3. saigo no tatakai, mugibatake, yume. 18:44
[The Last Battle, Wheat Field, Dream]
4. yuki. 9:59
5. tabidachi. 3:58

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by nonchan