Anthology "Prologue · Misaka Shiori"

CD No: Movic MACP-1001
Release date: 22 Dec 2001
Price: Y3000
Total length: 52:53 (8 tracks)

The first of the anthology series describes what happened during a few days before Yuuichi's arrival in the northern town. As the title says, the main feature is Shiori and her relationship with her sister, Kaori, over her illness.
BTW, these anthology series are kind of stories inspired by the series and not necessarily reflects the canonical storyline.

NHT rating: Rating

1. hajimari no kisetsu 3:40
[Season of the Beginning]
2. yakusoku o shita koto 12:47
[What They Promised]
3. tanjoubi 10:01
4. sorezore no omoi 8:17
[Feelings of Thier Own]
5. ugokidasu jikan 5:16
[Time that Has Started to Move]
6. yuki no deai 8:50
[Encounter in Snow]
7. egao to iu koto 2:42
[What Being Smiling Means]
8. (Message from Satou Akemi) 1:17

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