5.5-wa "Kimi no Mau Butai" [Episode 5.5 "The Stage Where You Dance"]

CD No: Fifth Avenue GNCA-7015
Release date: 25 Nov 2004
Price: Y2667
Total length: 64:19 (7 tracks)

This is a drama CD. The story is obviously set between Eps 5 and 6.
The annual school festival is soon to be held at Ototachibana High. Souma and Chikane are to play a prince and princess in a play. Both of them wish that Himeko would have been their partner and persuade her independently to practice with them. But the play is never shown as some of Orochi come to the festival (Re-ko as a manga artist for an autograph session and Corona as an idol singer ^_^;;) to interfere...
It's a little more comical than ordinary TV episodes. The other five tracks are pure joke and they, especially Track 5, are very funny.

NHT rating: Rating

1. Orochi: ai no hitokoto gekijou - housou mae 0:36
[Orochi: One-Phrase Theatre of Love - Before the Broadcast]
2. 5.5-wa "kimi no mau butai" (zenpen) 21:13
[Episode 5.5 "The Stage Where You Dance" (First Half)]
3. 5.5-wa "kimi no mau butai" (kouhen) 24:14
[Episode 5.5 "The Stage Where You Dance" (Second Half)]
4. Orochi: ai no hitokoto gekijou - nakairi 0:21
[Orochi: One-Phrase Theatre of Love - Intermission]
5. ai no Orochi zangeshitsu 10:20
[Orochi's Confession Room of Love]
6. Orochi: ai no hitokoto gekijou - shime 0:15
[Orochi: One-Phrase Theatre of Love - Closing]
7. watashi no Bremen Love - gogo no shokyuu kouza 7:16
[My Bremen Love - First-Level Class of the Afternoon]

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