Hajimete no Sugoi Mini-Album [The First, Amazing Mini-Album]

CD No: Toys Factory TFCC-86137
Release date: 18 Jun 2003
Price: Y1714
Total length: 23:18 (5 tracks)

The maxi single of the first OP and ED songs by Sugar, a unit of four girls.
Track 3 is a synopsis of early episodes, in the form of the chat of the three girls.

NHT rating: Rating

1. Take It Shake It (Sugar) 3:36
LYC: Asakura Kyouko MSC: Kikuchi Sou ARG: Kikuchi Sou
2. Sora no teema (Piano version) 4:54
[Theme of Sora]
MSC: Kubota Mina ARG: Kubota Mina
3. Mini Drama ~imamade no sugoi ohanashi~ 9:10
[Mini Drama ~The Amazing Story So Far~]
4. Sora no teema (Orchestra version) 1:14
[Theme of Sora]
MSC: Kubota Mina ARG: Kubota Mina
5. Real Identity (Sugar) 4:22
LYC: Asakura Kyouko MSC: Shiraishi Satori ARG: Shiraishi Satori

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