Drama CD "Hourou Oujo" [Wandering Princess]

CD No: Lantis LACA-5669
Release date: 8 Aug 2007
Price: Y2857
Total length: 51:19 (9 tracks)

Obviously a drama CD. ^_^
Hiro's classmates are going to school trip but he, being a servant to Hime, cannot join. She senses his disappointment and, to cheer him up, takes an offer of a free world trip from a mole-man, a travel agency for monsters. Sherwood, Riza, Reiri, Flandre and Francisca join the trip, which turns out to be more than they expected.

NHT rating: Rating

1. Prologue 4:10
2. tabi no hajimari 6:50
[Start of Journey]
3. mogura-otoko no Tour 6:54
[Tour by a Mole-man]
4. Babylon no kuuchuu-teien 5:43
[The Hanging Gardens of Babylon]
5. banri no choujou nite 13:01
[At the Great Wall of China]
6. Alexandria no daitoudai 7:03
[The Pharos of Alexandria]
7. Pangea choutairiku miyage no... 2:51
[Pangea Supercontinent]
8. Ending 1:00
9. kissa oujo 3:46
[Tea-room Princess]

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by nonchan