Character Song Shuu [Character Song Collection]

CD No: Lantis LACA-5036
Release date: 26 Apr 2006
Price: Y2857
Total length: 63:51 (13 tracks)

This is a collection of the image songs and all the major heroines get a song. Just like the main OST, there seems to be too much emphasis on the "mysterious fantasy" and I feel it would have been better if they made the songs more freely.
The later tracks (Tracks 6-13) are monologues by the seiyuu where they talk about their character as well as themselves.

NHT rating: Rating

1. Alice gaiden kaicha dame? (Shimizu Ai) 4:09
[Can't I Write a Side Story of Alice?]
LYC: Hata Aki MSC: Itou Masumi ARG: myu
2. shiawase Maximum (Kanou Mari) 4:01
[Happiness Maximum]
LYC: Hata Aki MSC: Kikuya Tomoki ARG: Kikuya Tomoki
3. mada koi da to wa iwanai de (Matsuki Miyu) 3:32
[Don't Call It Love Yet]
LYC: Hata Aki MSC: Itou Masumi ARG: Anze Hijiri
4. jun'ai kigou (Kawaragi Shiho) 3:19
[Symbol of Pure Love]
LYC: Hata Aki MSC: Odaka Koutarou ARG: Anze Hijiri
5. ai to gensou no sumika (Asano Masumi) 4:49
[Dwelling of Love and Illusion]
LYC: Hata Aki MSC: myu ARG: Anze Hijiri
6. mayoigo no monogatari (Kanai Mika & Kaneda Tomoko) 3:34
[Story of a Lost Child]
LYC: Hata Aki MSC: kala ARG: Kurosu Katsuhiko
7. Shimizu Ai Special Talk 5:20
8. Kanou Mari Special Talk 6:03
9. Matsuki Miyu Special Talk 5:31
10. Kawaragi Shiho Special Talk 6:40
11. Asano Masumi Special Talk 7:18
12. Kanai Mika Special Talk 1:44
13. Kaneda Tomoko Special Talk 7:44

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