Ano Sora o Dakishime te

CD No: Toshiba EMI XT10-2206
Release date: 5 Oct 1988
Price: Y1000
Total length: 8:25 (2 tracks)

The CD single of the ED theme song of the movie, "I Want to Return to That Day." This is arguably the best KOR song by Wada Kanako. I would have given full five donburi if the karaoke track had been included (you know, back in '88, karaoke tracks weren't that popular).

NHT rating: Rating

1. ano sora o dakishime te (Wada Kanako) 4:24
[Holding That Sky in My Arms]
LYC: Wada Kanako MSC: Izuta Hiroyuki ARG: Shirao Ryoumei
2. mukai-kaze (Wada Kanako) 3:59
[The Head Wind]
LYC: Wada Kanako MSC: Matsuo Kiyunori ARG: Shirai Ryoumei

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