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CD No: Victor VDR-1171
Release date: 21 Mar 1986
Price: Y3200
Total length: 51:02 (20 tracks)

This is a soundtrack CD for Jump Video version of KOR. The video was about 30min long and prepared for Jump's event for their readers and later broadcasted in the limited area. Main staff and cast are very similar to those of Creamy Mimi. Madoka was Shimazu Saeko and Kyousuke was Mizushima Yuu although neither appears in the CD. Just like Hidaka Noriko in A!MG manga image album, I like Shimazu Saeko as Madoka as much as Tsuru Hiromi.

NHT rating: 2 donburi

1. mogitate no koi (Kouchi Rie) 3:23
[Freshly-Harvested Love]
The OP song for the OVA.
2. shakunetsu Paradise 1:25
[Red Hot Paradise]
3. Seaside yochi Dream 2:58
[Seaside Precognition Dream]
4. Summertime Triangle 2:55
5. kimagure tenshi (Kouchi Rie) 4:26
[Whimsical Angel]
6. de-meimu-que 2:21
The title of this song is a word created by the composer. 'meimu' probably means "confusing dream" and the whole word seems to be a pun of a French word, but I am not too sure.
7. tokimeki natsu-iro Graffiti (Kouchi Rie) 3:37
[Graffiti In Exciting Summer Colour]
8. Beat de shitto 4:14
[Jealousy With Beat]
9. kinjirareta koi no shima 3:10
[Island Of Forbidden Love]
10. nagisa no Love Chase 4:38
[Love Chase On Shore]
11. Heart o Nice Catch (Kouchi Rie) 3:23
[Catch Your Heart Nicely]
12. waku waku Island 2:30
[Island With Thrilling Anticipation]
13. Telepathy Scramble 1:20
14. Marin Paradise 1:21
15. Escape 1:47
16. ABCB 2:21
17. mayowasenaide Madonna 1:15
[Don't Tempt Me, Madonna]
18. himitsu shirei 1:16
[Secret Instructions]
19. itoshi no my love 1:17
[My Cherished Love]
20. natsu no omoi o nosete... 1:11
[Carrying Memories of the Summer...]

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