Akaban [Red Disc]

CD No: Star Child KICM-3090
Release date: 22 Dec 2004
Price: Y1000
Total length: 18:06 (3 tracks)

A mini drama CD released before the anime. Although Aoba appears in Track 1, most of the contents are related to the Japan arc of the story. Of course, there is nothing serious and it's mostly fan-service ^_^

NHT rating: Rating

1. hirusagari no shoujo-tachi 1 "Aoba to Akao" 4:53
[Girls in the Afternoon 1 "Aoba and Akao"]
2. hirusagari no shoujo-tachi 2 "joshi Robot-doukoukai" 8:55
[Girls in the Afternoon 2 "Girls' Robot Club"]
3. hirusagari no shoujo-tachi 3 "sentou e iku." 4:17
[Girls in the Afternoon 3 "Going to Public Bath"]

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by nonchan