Toketeiku Yume no Hate ni / Yume wa Tooi Keredo

CD No: Victor Entertainment VIDL-10527
Release date: 6 Jul 1994
Price: Y971
Total length: 11:36 (3 tracks)

The CD single of the OP and ED song. Track 3 is Iria's monologue about her chase of a monster, which continues to the OST CD.

NHT rating: Rating

1. toketeiku yume no hate ni (Gotou Yayoi) 4:19
[At the End of My Melting Dream]
LYC: Kobayashi Yuka MSC: Yoshikawa Youichirou ARG: Yoshikawa Youichirou
2. yume wa tooi keredo (Saeko) 5:03
[Although My Dream is Far Away]
LYC: Shiramine Mitsuko MSC: Abe Takao ARG: Abe Takao
3. Iria Monolog "kyoofuu 1" 2:14
[Iria Monolog "Crazy Wind 1"]

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