Soundtrack Vol.1

CD No: Futureland LD32-5005
Release date: 22 Oct 1986
Price: Y3200
Total length: 52:06 (15 tracks)

The first soundtrack CD of Iczer 1 covers BGMs for earlier episodes. It also has the theme song and two image songs (Track 15 and part of Track 10). All the music is by Watanebe Michiaki, who did a lot of music for vlassic anime/tokusatsu shows. The inserts says the singer of Track 1 is Yamamoto Yuriko (Iczser 1) but I suspect it's an error. The LD gives the credit to Kakizawa Miki and I follow it.

NHT rating: 3 donburi

1. tatakae!! Iczer 1 (Kakizawa Miki) 3:06
[Fight!! Iczer 1]
2. Nugwenderze 3:04
3. Kanou Nagisa 2:29
4. Iczer Robo 2:13
5. Sir Violet 3:03
6. shuugeki 2:35
7. hourou no tami Kturuf 3:38
[Kturuf, The Wandering People]
8. chou-seimeitai Big Gold 1:27
[Super Organism Big Gold]
9. Sir Violet no Narration -daiuchuu no akuma- (Shiozawa Kaneto) 4:25
[Narration By Sir Violet -Devil Of The Universe-]
10. Iczer 1 no Narration -Nagisa- (Yamamoto Yuriko) 3:48
[Narration By Iczer 1 -Nagisa-]
11. gekitou Iczer Robo 4:16
[Fierce Battle of Iczer Robo]
12. tenkuu no oasis 4:29
[Oasis In The Sky]
13. Kanou Nagisa no Narration -Partner- (Shou Mayumi) 5:19
[Narration By Kanou Nagisa -Partner-]
14. muteki Iczer 2 4:16
[Iczer 2, The Invincible]
15. Never Run Away (Kusunoki Yuukou) 4:16

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