Zoku Kagai-Jugyou [Extracurriculum The Sequel]

CD No: Victor Entertainment VICL-60778
Release date: 24 Oct 2001
Price: Y2900
Total length: 52:19 (10 tracks)

The second of the drama CD series. There are two episodes, separated by short comedy.

The first episode is set roughly at the same time as Eps.4 of the TV series. The father of Shinzaike Yoshino, one of Hibiki's students, receives a letter from the principle, asking not to attend the forthcoming open day for parents because he is a yakuza ('karajishi botan' is a typical tattoo motif favoured by them). The letter turns out to be bogus but the angered father decides to withdraw his daughter from the school.

The second episode is sort of Hibiki's love story in the past (which he didn't notice himself ^_^;;). The intervening tracks are about a new teacher trainee, Ibaraki Ichigo, who visits the dorm and merges nicely at the end with the second episode.

I still feel there are too many plugs in the CD but it is much more enjoyable than the first CD. There are a few bits of cross-over with Hand Maid May ^_^

NHT rating: Rating

mou hitori no Strawberry-Egg [Another Strawberry-Egg]
1. ~ toujou! Ichigo-sensei! no maki 1:58
[~ Chapter of "Here Comes Miss Ichigo!"]
Seitou Karajishi Botan ["Foo-Dog and Chinese Peony" in Seitou]
2. ~ arashi o yobu Shinzaike 8:48
[~ Shinzaike Invites a Storm]
3. ~ jingi aru naminori Hibiki 5:06
[~ Hibiki the Polite Surfer ]
4. ~ Yoshino kyuushutsu nagurikomi 5:08
[~ Barging in to Rescue Yoshino]
mou hitori no Strawberry-Egg [Another Strawberry-Egg]
5. ~ o-furo da! Ichigo-Sensei! no maki 1:58
[~ Chapter of "It's Bath Time! Miss Ichigo!"]
jidai-okure de bukiyou de [Old-Fashioned and Unskillful]
6. ~ Gochisou sentou taisei 4:51
[~ Gochisou at Action Stations]
7. ~ asa made maji-pon 5:07
[~ Serious till Morning]
8. ~ namida no ai-nori seishun Melody 11:00
[~ Tearful Melody of Purple Youth]
mou hitori no Strawberry-Egg [Another Strawberry-Egg]
9. ~ daijoubu ka! Ichigo-sensei! no maki 2:38
[~ Chapter of "Are You OK!? Miss Ichigo!"]
10. Dearest (Acoustic Feel ver.) (Mieno Hitomi) 5:45
LYC: Sawada Shouko MSC: Sawada Shouko ARG: Nishida Masala

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