Kagai-Jugyou [Extracurriculum]

CD No: Victor Entertainment VICL-60777
Release date: 21 Sep 2001
Price: Y2900
Total length: 54:43 (12 tracks)

The first of the two drama CDs contains two episodes, both of them featuring Hibiki's students who didn't get much attention in the TV series. In the first episode, Nishinada decides to run for the Presidency of the Student Society. Fuuko and others are happy to help him but the result turns out to be a shocking one. In the second episode, Uozaki and Naruo split up because of careless words of Naruo. Uozaki seeks advice from Ms Asakaze, the school doctor and a lesbian. Naruo eventually realises what he has lost but it is too late...

The latter is much better storywise and fits well with the mood of the TV series. The members of Ace File make a lot of appearance in both episodes, which we could do without, IMO, as they aren't really actresses and the scripts are distorted to make the places for them (Ace File do far better than P-Chicks in some of Hand May May drama, though).

NHT rating: Rating

1. Kura-Ge no sanpo 1 1:54
[Kura-Ge's Walkies 1]
2. Dearest (TV edit) (Mieno Hitomi) 1:32
LYC: Sawada Shouko MSC: Sawada Shouko ARG: Nishida Masala
Haru da! Senkyo da! Kaichou da! [It's Spring! It's an Election! It's a President!]
3. ~ haru da 10:30
[It's Spring]
4. ~ senkyo da 6:12
[It's an Election]
5. ~ kaichou da 3:56
[It's a President]
6. Kura-Ge no sanpo 2 2:30
[Kura-Ge's Walkies 2]
7. Eyecatch ~Kura-Ge version~ 0:05
8. Kura-Ge no sanpo 3 2:39
[Kura-Ge's Walkies 3]
Hokenshitsu wa Himitsu no Hanazono [The Dispensary Is a Secret Flower Garden]
9. Poolside no kuchiduke 9:17
[Kiss at the Poolside]
10. hokenshitsu no Veil 7:45
[Veil in the Dispensary]
11. kokuhaku no asa 5:10
[Morning of Confession]
12. Kura-Ge no sanpo 4 3:13
[Kura-Ge's Walkies 4]

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