Zapping de Shocking "Toreishi Satsuki"

CD No: Youmex TYCY-5418
Release date: 17 Feb 1995
Price: Y1942
Total length: 32:04 (4 tracks)

The "Zapping" drama series starts with Satsuki, the main vocalist of Humming Bird. The series depicts the five girls enjoying their rare holiday. The five CDs are completely synchronised; you can play them together (I haven't tried yet, though). In this particular CD, Satsuki have a nice time at a game parlor with Yayoi. The three songs aren't too good but, if you want to enjoy Kotono's voice, it's a good CD.

NHT rating: 3 donburi

1. "The Private" Satsuki-hen 17:38
["The Private" Satsuki Version]
2. otoko to on'na no yuujou nante arienai (Mitsuishi Kotono) 4:28
[There Can't Be Friendship between a Man and Woman]
LYC: Shiramine Mitsuko MSC: Fujii Miho ARG: Miratsu Takeo
3. kisu made 5mm (Mitsuishi Kotono) 3:58
[5mm to a Kiss]
LYC: Aoyagi Minako MSC: Asada Nao ARG: Miratsu Takeo
4. nakimushi no maameido (acoustic version) (Mitsuishi Kotono) 5:50
[Crybaby Mermaid]
LYC: Mori Yuriko MSC: Kudou Takashi ARG: Miratsu Takeo

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