Zapping de Shocking "Toreishi Kanna"

CD No: Youmex TYCY-5422
Release date: 15 Mar 1995
Price: Y1942
Total length: 32:03 (4 tracks)

The last of the "Zapping" series features Kanna, the eldest of the Toreishi Sisters. Out of the three songs, I'm very fond of Track 2 & 4, cute and sexy ^_^ Track 3 is funny in its lyrics but the melody is not my cup of tea.

NHT rating: 4 donburi

1. "The Private" Kanna-hen 17:38
["The Private" Kanna Version]
2. 25-jikan aishiteru (Tamagawa Sakiko) 5:02
[I Love You for 25 Hours]
LYC: Aoyagi Minako MSC: Asada Nao ARG: Sotoyama Kazuhiko
3. Fight!! (Tamagawa Sakiko) 5:07
LYC: Murayama Yasushi MSC: Kumagai Noriyasu ARG: Sotoyama Kazuhiko
4. ii ko dewa irarenai (Tamagawa Sakiko) 4:06
[I Can't Remain A Good Girl]
LYC: Aoyagi Minako MSC: Fujii Miho ARG: Miratsu Takeo

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by nonchan