Why, or Why Not

CD No: Frontier Works FCCM-0136
Release date: 28 Jun 2006
Price: Y1200
Total length: 22:19 (4 tracks)

The ED song of the TV series by Katagiri Rekka.
Let me explain a bit about the title of Track 2. 'ta so kare' means "Who's there?" in archaic Japanese. It later became 'tasokare' and then 'tasogare,' which mean "dusk" (dark enough to conceal identity of someone a little away). Given the lyrics as well as the anime title "Higurashi", the phrase here is probably used to mean the both at the same time.

NHT rating: Rating

1. Why, or Why Not (Katagiri Rekka) 5:41
LYC: interface MSC: Ooshima Hiroyuki ARG: Ooshima Hiroyuki
2. tasokare (Katagiri Rekka) 5:30
[Who's There?]
LYC: interface MSC: bermei.inazawa ARG: bermei.inazawa
3. Why, or Why Not (karaoke) 5:41
MSC: Ooshima Hiroyuki ARG: Ooshima Hiroyuki
4. tasokare (karaoke) 5:26
[Who's There?]
MSC: bermei.inazawa ARG: bermei.inazawa

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