Character Song Vol.7 "Ume-sensei"

CD No: Lantis LACM-4554
Release date: 21 Jan 2009
Price: Y1143
Total length: 16:04 (4 tracks)

The last of the image CD series is for Ume-sensei, the manga artist.
Both songs, whose lyrics are by Hata Aki, are really "image" songs; that is, it will be very difficult to get proper meanings or solid messages from them. The words only convey the atmosphere of Ume-sensei and her attitude to this manga.
Whatever they are much better than I expected and her singing is certainly better than her voice-acting.

NHT rating: Rating

1. hidamari · hidamare · hidamarirun (Aoki Ume) 4:18
LYC: Hata Aki MSC: Miura Seiji ARG: Andou Takahiro
Sorry, this is beyond my capability to translate. ^_^;;
2. micha dame sugoin desu (Aoki Ume) 3:46
[Don't Look! It's Awful]
LYC: Hata Aki MSC: Murai Dai ARG: Murai Dai
3. hidamari · hidamare · hidamarirun (karaoke) 4:18
MSC: Miura Seiji ARG: Andou Takahiro
4. micha dame sugoin desu (karaoke) 3:43
[Don't Look! It's Awful]
MSC: Murai Dai ARG: Murai Dai

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