CD No: Frontier Works FCCM-0033
Release date: 25 Aug 2004
Price: Y1200
Total length: 17:48 (4 tracks)

The catchy OP song by Iizuka Mayumi. The coupled song is a cheerful image song and a typical "dance" music, reminding me of "I've" music a lot.
The first press come with a sticker, BTW.

NHT rating: Rating

1. Amulet (Iizuka Mayumi) 4:27
LYC: a.k.a.dRESS MSC: a.k.a.dRESS ARG: a.k.a.dRESS
2. Happy Go! Let's Go! (Iizuka Mayumi) 4:28
LYC: Ooyagi Hiroo MSC: Ooyagi Hiroo ARG: Ooyagi Hiroo
3. Amulet (karaoke) 4:27
MSC: a.k.a.dRESS ARG: a.k.a.dRESS
4. Happy Go! Let's Go! (karaoke) 4:25
MSC: Ooyagi Hiroo ARG: Ooyagi Hiroo

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