Non-Scramble CD Drama

CD No: Victor Entertainment VICL-60611
Release date: 21 Sep 2000
Price: Y2900
Total length: 55:34 (42 tracks)

A drama CD releases after the anime series. I really don't know what they wanted to achieve with it (perhaps promoting P-Chicks?). Hugely disappointing.

NHT rating: 2 donburi

1. sentou nite 8:49
[At the Public Bath]
2. Tenma-sai nite 6:15
[At the Tenma Festival]
3. sousaku 5:30
4. ika to hiyoko 10:48
[A Cuttlefish and Chicks]
5. P-chicks Live in Tenma-sai Kinen Stadium 5:44
[P-chicks Live in Tenma Festival Memorial Stadium]
6. momiji no saka no mankai no shita de 5:03
[On the Uphill Road under the Scarlet Maple Leaves at Their Best]
7. sentou nite ~Reprise~ 3:24
[At the Public Bath ~Reprise~]
Bonus Tracks "Hand Maid Voice Collage" (Kasumi Version)
8. oissu 0:09
[Hi There!]
9. mata okurechaouzo 0:09
[You'll Be Late Again]
10. doko miteru no 0:09
[What are You Looking at!?]
11. oyachin chanto haratteru? 0:09
[Are You not behind with the Rent?]
12. boku ja dame? 0:10
[Am I Not Good Enough?]
13. arigatou 0:09
[Thank You]
14. heya ni oide yo 0:09
[Come to My Room]
15. ureshikatta... 0:11
[I'm So Glad...]
16. oyasumi 0:09
[Good Night]
17. o-i 0:10
18.-42. voikora sozai 8:22
[Materials for Voice Collage]

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by nonchan