The Organisation of the Hanaukyo Army

Master (Tarou) Chief Maid (Mariel) Bureau of Law
Bureau of Administration Dept of Attendance Ordinary Maids First Class [Education]
Second Class [Personal Attendance]
Third Class [Routine Duties]
Dept of Catering
Dept of Personnel Personnel Section
Training Section
Dept of Costumes
Dept of Management Engineering Section
Gardening Section
Library Section
Private Resort Management Room
Dept of Secretary
Dept of Technology (Ikuyo) Technical Development Team
Reactor Control Team
Dept of Foreign Affair
Dept of Treasury Budget Planning
MEMOL Asset Management
Dept of Intelligence (Cynthia & Grace) Management of Companies of the Hanaukyo Group
MUT [Intelligence and Counter-intelligence]
Dept of Medicine
Dept of Security (Konoe) Royal Guards Inner Guards
Outer Guards
Armed Maid Forces Army
Air and Space Force
Royal Personal Battalion (Ichigo, Sango & Ringo)

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