Yume no Miyako Tokyo Life

CD No: Polystar PSCR-6047
Release date: 22 May 2002
Price: Y1100
Total length: 11:52 (3 tracks)

The ED song of the TV series by Nakagawa Akiko.

NHT rating: Rating

1. yume no miyako Tokyo Life (Nakagawa Akiko) 3:40
[The Dream City Tokyo Life]
LYC: Ma-You MSC: Ma-You ARG: Ma-You
2. Dear (Nakagawa Akiko) 4:31
LYC: Nishida Emi MSC: Takahama Yuusuke ARG: Takahama Yuusuke
3. yume no miyako Tokyo Life (karaoke) 3:39
[The Dream City Tokyo Life]
MSC: Ma-You ARG: Ma-You

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