Nukumori · Akogare

CD No: Trystar TPCR-1013
Release date: 26 Sep 2003
Price: Y2000
Total length: 21:38 (6 tracks)

The image album of Kisaragi. It is from the second TV series and consists of a instrumental piece, four image songs and a monologue.
In the monologue, she sneaks in Chitose's bedroom. Seeing he is fast asleep, she tries on him something she has been longing to do ^_^;; In a way, it's the best part of the CD ^_-

NHT rating: Rating

1. Kisaragi no teema 1:45
[Theme of Kisaragi]
MSC: Miyazaki Fuminori ARG: Usui Nobuya
2. Beauty Smile (Kimura Akiko) 4:01
LYC: Yoshida Mirin MSC: Matsunaga Toshihiko ARG: Takenaka Fumikazu
3. Fantasy Life (Kimura Akiko) 4:29
LYC: Yoshida Mirin MSC: Miyagaki Ken'ichirou ARG: Miyagaki Ken'ichirou
4. Heart no tamago (Kimura Akiko) 4:31
[Egg of Heart]
LYC: Piasa + Kitazawa Jun MSC: Kimura Akiko ARG: Takenaka Fumikazu
5. Guardian Angel (Kimura Akiko) 3:24
LYC: Takenaka Fumikazu MSC: Takenaka Fumikazu ARG: Takenaka Fumikazu
6. mama-sensei no dokidoki oyasumi nasai ~ nukumori · akogare 3:28
[The Mama Teacher's Exciting "Good Night" ~ Warmth and Adoration]

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