ACT 3.0

CD No: Star Child KICA-463
Release date: 28 May 1999
Price: Y2913
Total length: 69:31 (25 tracks)

The last soundtrack for Kare-Kano seems the least exciting of the three. There *are* beautiful tracks but, compared with the previous two CDs, it lacks in something which I cannot pin down.

NHT rating: 3 donburi

1. Miyazawa ikka (without chorus) 3:00
[The Miyazawas]
2. ikiyouyou 3:27
[In High Spirit]
3. kyoutendouchi (fast) 2:28
[Extreme Astonshment]
4. dattanjin no odori 2:39
[Dance of Tartars]
This is a piece from Borodin's opera and its original title is "Polovezkischer Tanz mit dem Chor".
5. tenkataihei (guitar, upbeat) 2:21
[World in Peace]
6. chinshimokkou 4:14
[Sitting in Silent Thought]
7. kinchou joutai (piano, high) 4:15
[Tense Situation]
8. yoin'yojou 2:57
9. Arima Souichirou I (piano, slow) 4:14
10. Miyazawa Yukino V 3:56
11. hibiheiwa (guitar) 2:39
[Peaceful Days]
12. kouunryuusui (guitar) 3:14
[Flying Clouds and Flowing Water]
13. ishun no yume 0:18
[A Momentary Dream]
14. dattanjin no odori 3:29
[Dance of Tartars]
15. anchuumosaku (slow) 2:46
[Groping in the Dark]
16. tenkataihei (giotar, normal) 2:40
[World in Peace]
17. shukakutentou (slow, without chorus) 3:11
[Cart before the Horse]
18. kobugekirei (yakyuu ouenka) 1:00
[Encouragement and Cheering (Cheering Song of Baseball)]
19. futoufukutsu (without chorus) 3:45
[Never Give up]
20. tenshi no yubikiri 2:51
[Angel's Promise]
21. tenshi no yubikiri 4:02
[Angel's Promise]
22. tenshi no yubikiri 3:15
[Angel's Promise]
23. yume no naka e (Enomoto Atsuko & Suzuki Chihiro) 1:04
[Into the Dream]
24. yume no naka e (Enomoto Atsuko & Suzuki Chihiro) 1:02
[Into the Dream]
25. kore kara no arasuji (long) 0:31
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