ACT 2.0

CD No: Star Child KICA-449
Release date: 26 Feb 1999
Price: Y2913
Total length: 64:17 (25 tracks)

Continue to enjoy the wonderful music from the series. This CD has a structure like a TV episode, starting with the avantitle and OP song and finishing with the ED songs (both songs are in the TV-size). Personally I really like these variations of the ED song, including those on ACT1.0. Two old Japanese pop songs are also included.

NHT rating: 4 donburi

1. Avantitle 0:08
2. tenshi no yubikiri (Fukuda Mai) 1:30
[Angel's Promise]
3. hachiku no ikioi 2:32
[Unopposed Advance]
4. shukakutentou (slow) 3:12
[Cart before the Horse]
5. kishokumanmen 5:12
[Absolute Jubilance]
6. Miyazawa Yukino IV (piano) 3:10
7. yume no naka e V (string) 3:23
[Into the Dream V]
8. Miyazawa Yukino V (slow) 2:30
9. Miyazawa Yukino VI 2:16
10. anchuumosaku 2:08
[Groping in the Dark]
11. SOS (on-air version) (Watanabe Yuki & Yamamoto Maria) 1:19
This is an old (yet famous) J-POP song by a woman duo "Pink Lady".
12. yuuyuukankan 4:03
[Taking It Easy]
13. yume no naka e I 3:10
[Into the Dream I]
14. Miyazawa Yukino V 1:52
15. uousaou 2:08
[Running about in Confusion]
16. kouunryuusui 3:40
[Flying Clouds and Flowing Water]
This means "acting according to the situation without sticking to old ideas".
17. yume no naka e IV 2:51
[Into the Dream IV]
18. kyoutendouchi 3:15
[Extreme Astonishment]
19. kyuutendouchi 2:06
[Sudden Change]
20. koeishouzen (slow) 2:45
[A Lonely Figure]
21. youkai ningen Bem (Enomoto Atsuko, Shintani Mayumi, Noda Junko, Chiba Saeko, Fukui Yukari & Motoya Yukiko) 0:31
[Man-Monster Bem]
The theme song of an old horror anime with the same title.
22. Miyazawa Yukino V (nocturne for piano) 3:39
23. ichigoichie 2:59
[Treasure Every Meeting]
This is a concept in the tea ceremony, meaning one should treat all you guest (meeting) as one may never see him/her again.
24. seitenhakujitsu 2:20
[Clear Oneself of the Charge]
25. yume no naka e (TV size) (Enomoto Atsuko & Suzuki Chihiro) 1:24
[Into the Dream]

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