ACT 1.0

CD No: Star Child KICA-440
Release date: 23 Dec 1998
Price: Y2913
Total length: 70:06 (24 tracks)

The first soundtrack for HHR contains most of the BGMs used in early episodes with the full-length version of the OP/ED songs. As in EVA, use of classical music is noticeable but, of course, the mood of the whole CD is more cheerful. I can confidently recommend it to all HHR fans ^_^

NHT rating: 4 donburi

1. Avantitle 0:11
2. tenshi no yubikiri (full size) (Fukuda Mai) 4:26
[Angel's Promise]
3. koremade no arasuji (Shoutarou maachi) 2:36
[Synopsis So Far (Shoutarou's March)]
4. Miyazawa Yukino I (Concerto) 3:21
5. Miyazawa Yukino II (March) 3:03
6. hibi heiwa 2:49
[Peaceful Days]
7. heionbuji 2:28
[Peaceful and Well]
8. sessatakuma 2:34
[Friendly Rivalry]
9. tenkataihei 3:15
[World in Peace]
10. eshajouri 3:20
[We Meet Only to Part]
11. Arima Souichirou II 4:02
12. Arima Souichirou I 4:58
13. yume no nake e II 2:13
[Into the Dream II]
14. Miyazawa-ikka 3:01
[The Miyazawas]
15. shukakutentou 2:16
[Cart before the Horse]
16. Miyazawa Yukino III (Jazz rock) 4:05
17. kyousonkyouei 1:08
[Coexistence and Co-prosperity]
18. Miyazawa Yukino IV (Kanon) 4:25
19. Miyazawa Yukino V (Nocturne) 3:08
20. futoufukutsu 3:43
21. yume no naka e III 3:55
[Into the Dream III]
22. ichigoichie 1:58
[Treasure Every Meeting]
This is a concept in the tea ceremony, meaning one should treat all you guest (meeting) as one may never see him/her again.
23. yume no nake e (full size) (Enomoto Atsuko & Suzuki Chihiro) 2:37
[Into the Dream]
24. kore kara no arasuji 0:23
[Synopsis of the Next Epsiode]

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