Yume no Naka e / S·O·S

CD No: Star Child KIDA-173
Release date: 27 Nov 1998
Price: Y971
Total length: 10:45 (4 tracks)

The CD single for the ED song. This song is a J-POP classic, originally released in 1973 by Inoue Yousui. As Yousui's singing style is very simple, the song fits the pair here very well. Track 2 is a song by Tsukino and Kano and another J-POP classic in 1976 by Pink Lady.

NHT rating: Rating

1. yume no naka e (Enomoto Atsuko & Suzuki Chihiro) 2:39
[Into the Dream]
LYC: Inoue Yousui MSC: Inoue Yousui ARG: Mitsumune Shinkichi
2. S·O·S (Watanabe Yuki & Yamamoto Maria) 2:42
LYC: Aku Yuu MSC: Tokura Shun'ichi ARG: Mitsumune Shinkichi
3. yume no naka e (karaoke) 2:39
MSC: Inoue Yousui ARG: Mitsumune Shinkichi
[Into the Dream]
4. S·O·S (karaoke) 2:42
MSC: Tokura Shun'xichi ARG: Mitsumune Shinkichi

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