Tanaka Kouhei no Sekai [Tanaka Kouhei's World]

CD No: Victor Entertainment VICL-16
Release date: 21 Mar 1990
Price: Y3000
Total length: 74:33 (26 tracks)

This is definitely one of the most entertaining anime soundtrack CDs. It mainly covers the BGMs from the last two episodes, including the one used at the last scene. This CD, however, is made on the assumption (or joke) that Gunbuster was a 25-episode TV series and the six OVA episodes were in fact Eps 1, 2, 9, 14, 17 and 25 of the TV series. Trailer of some "unused" episodes are recorded in Track 22. Also Track 24 is supposed be an radio drama which, due to some reason, was never broadcasted.

NHT rating: 5 donburi

1. ike ike bokura no Gunbuster!! (TV size) (Hidaka Noriko) 1:48
[Go Go Our Gunbuster!]
2. dai-ichi-wa Subtitle 0:12
[Subtitle Of Eps 1]
3. gekou (M23) 1:39
[Leaving School]
4. houkago no kettou (M16) 3:14
[Duel After School]
5. inazuma kick (M24) 1:26
[Lightening Kick]
6. dai-ni-wa Subtitle 0:06
[Subtitle Of Eps 2]
7. Yung Freud (M9) 2:04
8. kimo dameshi (Br11) 1:00
[A Dare]
9. hajimete no shutsugeki (M28) 1:16
[The First Sortie]
10. kagaku kouza no uta 0:17
[The Song Of Science Lecture]
11. Bridge Collection (Br7, Br5) 0:23
12. aogeba toutoshi 1:22
[Invaluable, As Respected]
13. hiai (M5) 1:10
[Painful Sorrow]
14. harukanaru Excellion (M14) 1:20
[Eternal Excellion]
15. shouri no Gunbuster (M31) 1:26
[Gunbuster Of Voctory]
16. dai-roku-wa Subtitle (M32) 0:21
[Subtitle Of Eps 6]
17. ginga-chuushin nagurikomi kantai (M33) 0:20
[The Galaxy Core Attacking Fleet]
18. karuneadesu keikaku (M34) 2:32
[Operation Carneades]
19. saishuu kessen (M36) 1:26
[The Final Battle]
20. hisounaru ketsui (M35) 4:47
[A Grim Resolution]
21. toki no kawa o koete... (M37) 4:47
[Beyond The River Of Time...]
22. kessaku yokokuhen-shuu 9:27
[Collection Of The Best Trailers]
23. tobe! Gunbuster (Yao Kazuki) 3:18
[Fly! Gunbuster]
24. drama: kieta kon'yaku yubiwa 14:59
[Drama: The Vanished Engagement Ring]
25. koukyoushi Gunbuster 10:16
[Symphonic Poem Gunbuster]
26. genki dene (all cast) 6:24
[Take Care!]

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