Soundtrack Vol.1

CD No: Victor Entertainment VDR-1601
Release date: 21 May 1989
Price: Y3200
Total length: 77:32 (99 tracks)

The first soundtrack of the historical OVA covers the first four episodes. The style of the CD (and the insert) mimics that of old robot anime (this is why the paper is yellowish). The order of the BGMs roughly follow that in which they are used. Three songs used in them (OP, ED and Noriko and Kazumi's image song) are also included. There are two drama tracks latter of which is pretty funny. At the end of CD, 70 "memorable" phrases are recorded and you could make some very misleading tailer for the show by rearranging them ^_^;;

NHT rating: 5 donburi

1. toppu o nera! -Fly High- (Hiadaka Noriko & Sakuma Rei) 4:28
[Aim For Top! -Fly High-]
2. ike ike bokura no Gunbuster!! (Hidaka Noriko) 3:52
[Go Go Our Gunbuster!!]
3. Drama: ooabare! uchuu kaijuu Gidodongus 9:53
[Drama: Rampage Space Monster Gidodongus]
4. Prologue (M1) 1:29
5. oneesama (M3) 1:44
[Big Sister]
6. Coach (Br13) 0.10
7. goudou renshuu (M11) 1:24
[Joint Training]
8. Eye Catch (Br12) 0:06
9. honou no tokkun (M8) 2:43
[Hard Training]
10. tabidachi (M19) 2:43
11. Excellion (M21) 1:21
12. michi no teki (Br10) 0:21
[Unknown Enemy]
13. sakusen kaishi (M13) 2:06
[Commencement Of Operation]
14. kiki (M17) 1:52
15. Active Heart (Sakai Noriko) 3:22
16. Drama: utae!! ginga no hate made mo! 12:52
[Sing!! To The End Of The Galaxy!]
17. Smith (M7) 1:17
18. sekishoku kyosei (M15) 1:24
[Red Giant Star]
19. zenkan hasshin seyo (M30) 0:54
20. senjou (M29) 2:08
21. kanashimi (M26) 2:44
22. ketsui (M10) 1:55
23. Gunbuster (M20) 1:34
24. Noriko (M6) 2:01
25. Requiem (Br4) 0:22
26. Excellion chinbotsu (M2) 2:17
[Excellion Sinking]
27. Try Again...! (Sakai Noriko) 3:31
28. dai-5-wa yokoku-hen 0:35
[Trailer Of Episode 5]
29. saishuuwa yokoku-hen 1:09
[Trailer Of The Final Episode]
30-99. toppu o nerae! mei-serifu daikoushin 5:19
[Aim For Top! Memorable Lines On Parade]

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