Tokimeite, G-on! (Yuuki solo ver.)

CD No: Movic MACM-1151
Release date: 29 Dec 2001
Price: Y1000
Total length: 3:28 (2 tracks)

This is a maxi-single released long before the anime and Yuuki's solo version of the OP song.
The first press comes with an illustrated postcard.

NHT rating: Rating

1. tokimeite, G-on! (Yuuki solo ver.) (Shima Ryouka) 3:28
[Exciting, G-on!]
LYC: Sayu MSC: Tsuda Naoshi ARG: Tsuda Naoshi
2. tokimeite, G-on! (Yuuki solo ver.) (karaoke) 3:26
[Exciting, G-on!]
MSC: Tsuda Naoshi ARG: Tsuda Naoshi

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