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ISBN: Kadokawa Shoten 4-04-900747-9
Release date: Mar 2002
Price: Y2800
Total length: 63:11 (11 tracks)

This is an image CD released more than two years before the first season of the anime and, as the title suggests, consists of various tracks. The main part is three drama tracks while the others are parodies. Track 10, where Maharu sues her younger sister for the change of being the heroine, is the funniest ^_^;;
The cast is very different from the anime one (see below). Mitsuishi Kotono as Maharu and Asano Masumi as Kirie are very nice ^_^
 YukinariSakaguchi Daisuke
Miharu Kawasumi Ayako
KirieAsano Masumi
KazuharuMiki Shin'ichirou
RisaKoorogi Satomi
Maharu Mitsuishi Kotono
BTW, it comes with trading cards of VERY sexy Miharu and Kirie.

NHT rating: Rating

1. Opening Bravo! 5:26
2. CM Bravo! sono 1 0:41
[CM Bravo! No.1]
3. Drama "Miharu-chan ga kita!" 11:33
[Drama "Miharu-chan Has Come"]
4. News Bravo! 7:39
5. CM Bravo! sono 2 0:46
[CM Bravo! No.2]
6. Drama "Angel Attack" 9:16
7. Telephone Shopping Bravo! 3:13
8. Drama "kurayami no naka de..." 8:11
[Drama "In the Darkness..."]
9. moshimo... Bravo! 1:17
[If... Bravo!]
10. minjisoshou Bravo! 11:00
[Civil Suit Bravo!]
11. Ending Bravo! 4:05

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