Extra Songs Vol.1

CD No: Plenty Saman ENCA-1287
Release date: 24 Sep 1999
Price: Y2857
Total length: 28:09 (6 tracks)

I shall rembemer this CD for the rest of my life as the first one that made me regret to buy because of unreasonable pricing; a mini album with the full price -_-;; Is Enix always so greedy? Qualitywise it's decent (or pretty good), but quantitywise this is one of the worst CDs I have ever seen. Why can you call a CD with a single song "Extra SongS"!?!? They could have easily produced just one CD, combining Vol.1 & 2.

NHT rating: 2 donburi

1. Shining Moon (Kouda Mariko) 5:03
2. sora no kanata ni 4:31
[Beyond the Sky]
3. yureru kimochi 3:52
[Unsettled Feelings]
4. anata e no omoi 4:10
[Feelings for You]
5. Forever Love 5:32
6. Shining Moon (karaoke) 5:00

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by nonchan