Drama CD Vol.2

CD No: Movic MACM-1097
Release date: 28 Apr 2000
Price: Y2800
Total length: 66:16 (6 tracks)

The second of the three-part radio drama CD. Like Vol.1, some tracks are based on the manga and the others are original ones. Generally speaking, the story is better written then Vol.1 and I enjoyed this CD much more.

NHT rating: Rating

1. White Day wa oosawagi (zenpen) 9:56
[White Day in Chaos (First Half)]
Tasuke buys a necklace to give Shao on the White Day. Takashi and Kaori find this out and try not to leave Tasuke alone with Shao on the day.
2. White Day wa oosawagi (kouhen) 12:32
[White Day in Chaos (Second Half)]
On the evening of the White Day, everyone gathers at Tasuke's. Thanks to Shouko, Tasuke manages to find himself alone with Shao, who has been looking for something to seal the bag of fish flake ^_^;;
3. Shao no otetsudai 14:29
[Shao's Assistance]
One morning, Shao suddenly tells Tasuke that she won't go to school for a while but refuses to give the reason, which makes him really worried. An excellent story based on one of my most favourite manga episode.
4. aruji-sama wa Koichirou? 9:03
[My Master is Koichirou?]
An original story. Ruan leaves Tasuke's home and goes to Koichirou's to make him her new master. A tounching story... until the last moment ^_^;;
5. Kaori no Love Letter sakusen! 13:05
[Kaori's Operation of Love Letter]
Another original story. Kaori tries an indirect approach to Tasuke for a change but finds another one in his shoe box.
6. tokubetsu shuuroku ~ Theme Talk - Casting Credit 7:08
[Special Recording ~ Theme Talk - Casting Credit]
This time each seiyuu talks about their own memory over Valentine's Day and White Day.

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