Drama CD Vol.1

CD No: Movic MACM-1096
Release date: 25 Mar 2000
Price: Y2800
Total length: 58:05 (6 tracks)

The first of the radio drama series. Most of the episodes are based on the manga stories, except Track 5, which seems original.

NHT rating: Rating

1. kyoufu no Valentine Day (zenpen) 11:30
[Valentine's Day in Terror (First Half)]
A fierce battle develops between Ruan and Kaori over their Valentine chocolate for Tasuke.
2. kyoufu no Valentine Day (kouhen) 10:58
[Valentine's Day in Terror (Second Half)]
On Valentine's Day, Tasuke skips school to avoid "explosive chocolate" from Ruan and Kaori. Shao, who doesn't understand the event, gets confused.
3. Rishu ganbaru 10:01
[Rishu Does Her Best]
Rishu, blamed as useless by Ruan, tries to be useful at various things, with predictable results.
4. Ruan tai Rishu, hanami dango taiketsu! 6:37
[Ruan vs Rishu, Battle over Dumpling at the Cherry-Blossom Party]
The company go out to enjoy cherry blossoms in the park. Izumo produces sweet dumplings his mother made, which are so excellent Ruan and Rishu fight over the last piece.
5. Izumo-shan no koibito? 12:10
[Izumo-shan's Girlfriend?]
Izumo is asked by his friend to have a date with his younger sister. Hearing that she is suffering from an incurable disease, he agrees and takes her to a park. Unfortunately for him, Shao and others are also there.
6. tokubetsu shuuroku ~ Theme Talk - Casting Credit 6:47
[Special Recording ~ Theme Talk - Casting Credit]

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