CD No: Music Ray'n SMCL-148/9
Release date: 3 Sep 2008
Price: Y1713
Total length: 17:27 (4 tracks)

Haruka's first solo CD is the ED theme song of the live-action TV series.
This is the first pressing LE with a DVD and an ordinary edition (SMCL-150) is also available.

NHT rating: Rating

1. Naissance (Tomatsu Haruka) 4:42
LYC: Noguchi Kei MSC: Tanaka Hayato ARG: Baba Kazuyoshi
2. Puzzle (Tomatsu Haruka) 3:57
LYC: Arisugawa Motoko MSC: Baba Kazuyoshi ARG: Baba Kazuyoshi
3. Rewind (Tomatsu Haruka) 4:07
LYC: Kawakami Naoko MSC: Kawakami Naoko ARG: Okumura Masuo
4. Naissance (karaoke) 4:42
MSC: Tanaka Hayato ARG: Baba Kazuyoshi

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by nonchan