Ra-Geobreeders Drama Album 2

CD No: Victor Entertainment VICL-60199
Release date: 21 May 1998
Price: Y2500
Total length: 46:19 (5 tracks)

The second half of the radio drama collection. Eps 6 & 7 are Maki's fictitious side story like one you see at the beginning of Eps.1 of OVA. Eps.8 is about Takami's secret ^_^;; and Eps 9 is a Geobreeders version of Pocket Monster ^_^

NHT rating: 4 donburi

1. dai-6-wa "kurenai no nagare-boshi (zenpen)" 9:06
[Episode 6 "Scarlet Shooting Star (First Half)"]
2. dai-7-wa "kurenai no nagare-boshi (kouhen)" 10:07
[Episode 7 "Scarlet Shooting Star (Second Half)"]
3. dai-8-wa "sono na wa J" 9:11
[Episode 8 "His Name is J"]
4. dai-9-wa "Geobri-Days 2" 8:54
[Episode 9 "Geobreeders Days 2"]
5. dai-10-wa "Bakeratta" 8:59
[Episode 10 "Bakeratta"]
'bakeratta' is a famous (meaningless) phrase of O-jirou, younger brother(?) of Q-tarou. In this episode, the members of Kagura are attacked by a weapon which let them speak only 'bakeratta'. The story goes on with a proper script, which comes with the CD, but all the seiyuu have to express their feeling with it. It is intereting but, if you don't know Japanese, it won't make any difference ^_^;;

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