Ra-Geobreeders Drama Album 1

CD No: Victor Entertainment VICL-60198
Release date: 22 Apr 1998
Price: Y2,500
Total length: 44:23 (5 tracks)

The first half of 10-episode radio drama collection ("Ra-Geo" is a pun on "radio" although it seems the original title is "Ura-Geobreeders"). Eps 1 is kind of introduction to each characters and Eps 2 & 3 show a typical story for GeoBreeders. Eps.3, in which the members of Kagura try to play love-comedy, is probably the best of the five.

NHT rating: 3 donburi

1. dai1-wa "Kagura Sougou Keibi" 9:51
[Episode 1 "Kagura Synthesis Security"]
2. dai-2-wa "den'nou dai-sousasen (zenpen)" 8:24
[Episode 2 "Criminal Investigation in Cyber World (First Half)"]
3. da-3-wa "den'nou dai-sousasen (kouhen)" 7:50
[Episode 3 "Criminal Investigation in Cyber World (Second Half)"]
4. dai-4-wa "Geobri-Days" 9:16
[Episode 4 "Geobreeders Days"]
5. dai-5-wa "eigakaken kashimasu" 9:01
[Episode 5 "We'll Loan the Right to Make a Film"]

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by nonchan