Here are a few questions I have over translation of the CPM version. Any comments would be most appreciated.

VolPageEnglish (CPM)Japanese (Me)Comments
1 4April 1995 April in Shouwa 70 The year of Shouwa 70 would have been 1995 but the Shouwa era ended in Shouwa 64 (1989). I think the author wanted to say the story is set in the near future yet totally fictitious.
11 And it's attached to the program so you can operate it easily. It can attach to programs and operate them at their will. One of the features ghosts and other things enjoy is "possession". In this case, programs get possessed and run out out human control.
19 Is your computer connected to a phone line? Isn't your computer connected to a phone line? Taba realises that, because the cats can get into the phone line, if their computer is connected to it, their conversation would be easily tapped by them.
How did you know!? The cat heard our chat!?
2 9 The company will be short-handed again. Our company will be short-handed again. Doesn't the English version sound as if they are talking about the railway company?
11 Go get her! We'll attack from both sides! Maki isn't unreasonable as she behaves ^_^;;
3 12 If you destroy all the walls, how are we going to post the four seals? If he destroys the walls themselves again, seals on the four direction won't work at all. Here Taba isn't condemning Takami by any means. He is gentle towards Takami.
4 1 Takami's figuring out a hyper-strategy. Takami's programmed Hyper Great Strategy. "Great Strategy" (Dai-Senryaku) is a famous war-simulation game in Japan. Takami has programmed a hyper version of it on their computer.
We've got an algorithmic wave computer? You think our computer is a wave cannon? "Wave cannon" (hadouhou) is the main weapon of Space Cruiser Yamato.
8 Flowers hana hana! The joke here is Eiko behaves like (or pretends to be) a lady as soon as she sees a stranger (in this case, Taba's friend). Yet, because she is not really one, she exposes her defect by treating Taba like an object, rather than human. Flowers, as well as stars and dotted patters, in the background are common technique in manga to say the person in front is cute/lovable/lady-like and I wonder if this is widely known among the Western readers.
May I borrow him? May I borrow this?
10 (none) Written documents are divine! (bunsho wa kami!) They skipped this sentence completely. Although I suppose that the sentence before this, "A contract is a contract", is probably enough to convey the mood, it's a pity because this phrase is one of her trade marks.
11 Low pressure cable is... Low voltage cable is... Can the word "pressure" be used for electricity? If not, they got the meaning of teiatsu wrong.
14 Someone's yelling at me? Oh I've got told off... Difficult one to translate. But she is talking to the readers here.
15 If we blow it this time, we'll be trapped underground. If we fail here again, she'll escape to the surface. I don't know why this is changed (a simple error?)
16 You don't get it! You really don't get it!! You're careless! You're soooo careless!! I'm not sure but do these two sound the same?
17 Hey, Mister, wait! kora mate ossan The meaning is the same but is the English too polite? Yuka's attitude to the man (Black Cat) was really polite (one of the shop keeper to a customer) but in this frame she is almost rude. I wonder if "Mister" carries the same mood as ossan.
More to follow...