CD single Rising Soul
Drama Ra-Geobreeders Drama Album 1
Drama Ra-Geobreeders Drama Album 2
Soundtrack Soundtrack
CD single Field of Madness
Soundtrack Soundtrack for File XX

Main Cast of the Series:

Taba Youichi Miki Shin'ichirou
Kikushima Yuka Koorogi Satomi
Umezaki Maki Hisakawa Aya
Randou Eiko Imai Yuka
Sakuragi Takami Yajima Akiko
Himehagi Yuu Hidaka Narumi
Maya Iizuka Mayumi
Yajima Ootsuka Akio
Narusawa Ayumi Nagasawa Miki
Irie Yamadera Kouichi
Yoda Ookawa Tooru
Fukami Youko Touma Yumi
Namiko (Ayumi's friend) Masuda Yuki
Arbert Tsujigaya Kouji
Marvin Okada Mitsuru
Nonaka Sanae Oono Sawa

Main Staff of the Series:

Original Manga & Supervision Itou Akihiro
Director Moriyama Yuuji
Character Design Ooshima Yasuhiro
Art Director Waki Takashi
Sound Director Wakabayashi Kazuhiro
Director of Photography Azuhata Takashi
Music Nakagawa Koutarou
Animation Production Chaos Project

About the show

3-episode OVA based on a manga with the same title by Itou Akihiro (serialised on Comic Ours). An unfortunate young man, Taba, joins a security company, Kagura Synthesis Security, in a fictional city of Ayagane. He did not know that "security" it offers is one from 'bake-neko' (cat-ghosts) which are capable of moving around as a magnetic field. Surrounded by five pretty girls with a VERY strong personality, Taba starts his life as a bake-neko buster and soon finds out Ministry of Welfare and Self-Defence Force are also independently involved in the battle against the cats.

The original manga is mixture of comedy and suspense. It has a very speedy style and details about weapons. You may find parallel with Silent Moebius if you replace demons with bake-neko and make it more comical.

The anime is with an original story which can fit almost anywhere in the manga. Maya is kidnapped by an unknown group and the members of Kagura try to rescue her (only after Taba agrees to pay ^_^;;). As a great fan of the manga, I like it much but those who don't know the manga may find it confusing as very little background is explained.

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