"Hana to Yume" Original Drama CD

CD No: N/A
Release date: ?? Oct 1999
Price: Not for Sale
Total length: 46:57 (8 tracks)

This is a drama CD made by "Hana to Yume," the magazine which carries Fruit Basket. It is the CD that Hisakawa Aya mentions in her interview in DVD Vol.3. The short sequence at the end of manga Vol.4 is also about to this CD.
The story is written newly by Takaya Natsuki. One day in August, Momiji comes to Tooru and insists to have "nagashi soumen" for lunch. Although Yuki and Kyou are rather negative about it, seeing Tooru, who has never had it, get really excited about idea, they agree to do it. But it turns out to need a lot of preparations... It's a good story and the script is very well written to make the CD a great fun.
As it was released long before the anime, the cast is very different from that of anime, especially for the girls. Konishi Hiroko's Tooru is as good as Horie Yui, IMO. Here is the cast (those with "*" are ones different from the anime).
Tooru *Konishi Hiroko
YukiHisakawa Aya
KyouSeki Tomokazau
ShigureOkiayu Ryuutarou
Ayame *Koyasu Takehito
Momiji *Nagasawa Miki
HatsuharuSuyama Akio
Kagura *Shiratori Yuri
Hana-chan *Minaguchi Yuuko

NHT rating: 4 donburi

Souma-ke no nagai ichinichi [A Long Day of the Souma's]
1. Part 1 11:49
2. Intermission 1 1:35
3. Part 2 9:24
4. Intermission 2 2:24
5. Part 3 5:54
6. Intermission 3 4:23
7. Part 4 10:43
8. Hana-chan no ashita no denpa-youhou 0:43
[Hana-chan's Electromagnetic Wave Forcast for Tomorrow]

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