CD No: Epic Records ESCL-3648
Release date: 9 Mar 2011
Price: Y1165
Total length: 14:34 (3 tracks)

This is a mini album with the epic OP and gentle ED songs.
I really love the ED song. When I heard it first time, I thought "oh, they've made a nice Irish-like song." ^_^;;;;

NHT rating: Rating

1. harinezumi (Azuma Hitomi) 4:59
LYC: Azuma Hitomi MSC: Azuma Hitomi ARG: Azumaya
2. onaji yume (Azuma Hitomi) 6:14
[The Same Dream]
LYC: Azuma Hitomi MSC: Azuma Hitomi & Hosomi Sakana ARG: Azumaya
3. Down by the Salley Gardens (Azuma Hitomi) 3:19
LYC: William Butler Yeats MSC: (Irishi Folksong) ARG: Azumaya

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by nonchan