Original Soundtrack "Umi no Tamashii" ["Spirit of Sea"]

CD No: Animage Record TKCA-30696
Release date: 23 Oct 1992
Price: Y2427
Total length: 57:28 (35 tracks)

Music, as well as cover images by Takada Akemi, is the saving grace of this disastrous anime, which did no justice to the original novel -_- The music is composed by an avant-garde guitarist, Jinmo. Many of the track titles use philosophical/Buddhist term and, therefore, I am not very sure about their translation. Inoue Azumi, famous for her Totoro songs, sings one song here, which is very good ^_^

NHT rating: 3 donburi

1. taiyou no kikoku 1:21
[The Memory of Ocean]
2. Ocean (Inoue Azumi) 3:44
3. shi no genfuugei (Fisco no saku) 1:05
[Original Image of Death (Fisco's Fence)]
4. kon: jikou to eikou 1:10
[Kon: Voyage to Charity and Prosperity]
Apparently 'kon' is "vertue to let things grow."
5. fukai, ibou no jikan 1:14
[Deep Time with an Unusla Look]
6. sia, fia na re sia! 1:09
The title is given in the phonetic symbols and I don't know what it means...
7. yume no umito to chi no tamashii sizume 1:01
[May the Soul of the Sea and Land of Dream Get Pacified]
8. tsuki o miru mono e 1:44
[To Those Who Looks at the Moon]
9. shoujo no atsuki inori 1:42
[Passionate Prayer of the Girl]
10. uijin 1:07
[His First Battle]
11. shoumeika 1:21
[Song to Summon from Hades]
12. houjou no umi 1:34
[The Sea of Plenty]
13. gedatsu e no meisou 1:21
[Wandering for Enlightenment]
'gedatsu' is a Buddhist term, meaning "emancipation from worldly attachments" but I used "enlightenment" to keep it simple.
14. aru juryoku 1:20
[Power of a Certain Curse]
15. toozakaru ensou no yokan 0:33
[Presentiment of the Receding Circle]
'ensou' is a circle as the symbol of enlightment
16. byou 1:43
[Endless Water]
17. shi no genfuugei (Sara no saku) 0:58
[Original Image of Death (Sara's Fence)]
18. mime no odori 2:15
[Dance of Holy Maids]
19. muma tono koukan 1:28
[Channeling with Nightmare]
20. Cult Burger People 1:06
21. shi no genfuugei (Firena no saku) 1:30
[Original Image of Death (Firena's Fence)]
22. onorera ni tsugu 1:54
[I Tell You]
23. nami o kotohogu 0:30
[Celebration of Waves]
24. Pearl (Rilla ni sasagu hensou) 4:02
[Pearl (A Variation for Lira)]
25. yomiji 0:51
[Road to Hades]
26. boubaku no umi 1:41
[Sea of Vastness]
27. yuumeikai yori iduru mono 0:37
[One Who Comes out of Hades]
28. un (issai wo shuuketsu suru chitoku) 1:01
[Virtue and Wisdom as the End of Everything]
29. Cyber Ocean 2:57
30. mushibiraki 2:43
31. S.R.T. 0:37
32. shi no genfuugei (Zenna no saku) 1:58
[Original Image of Death (Zenna's Fence)]
33. aramitama 3:11
[Violent God]
34. shi no genfuugei (Ertena no saku) 1:50
[Original Image of Death (Ertena's Fence)]
35. Native Ocean (umi no tamashii) 2:56
[Native Ocean (Spirit of the Sea)]

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