Tomorrow / Karenai Hana

CD No: Pony Canyon PCCA-01644
Release date: 20 Feb 2002
Price: Y1200
Total length: 19:56 (5 tracks)

Shimokawa Mikuni's maxi single, which includes the OP and ED songs.
I really love the ED song, whose lyrics capture the mood of the series so well. It can be a song of Sousuke as well as Kaname. The third song is also one that could be used in Full Metal Panic.

NHT rating: Rating

1. Tomorrow (Shimokawa Mikuni) 3:37
LYC: Shimokawa Mikuni MSC: Shimokawa Mikuni ARG: ab:fly & Nakayama Nobuhiko
2. karenai hana (Shimokawa Mikuni) 4:33
[Flower that Never Withers]
LYC: Kobayashi Natsumi MSC: ab:fly ARG: ab:fly
3. kimi no yume (Shimokawa Mikuni) 3:39
[Your Dream]
LYC: Shimokawa Mikuni MSC: ab:fly ARG: ab:fly
4. Tomorrow (karaoke) 3:37
MSC: Shimokawa Mikuni ARG: ab:fly
5. karenai hana (karaoke) 4:30
[Flower that Never Withers]
MSC: ab:fly ARG: ab:fly

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